How To Withdraw Bitcoin

The process for withdrawing your winnings from your Crypto Millions Lotto account to your Bitcoin wallet is simple, quick, free and completely safe.

This is how you do it:

1. Click on ‘Withdraw Funds' in ‘My Account’ - there is no KYC/AML unless you withdraw more than ?5.0000.

2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

3. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address, i.e. the address where you store your Bitcoin.

4. Click ‘Withdraw Funds’. 

5. The transfer could be immediate or take a few minutes depending on which method you use to send (see ‘Note’ below) and also how much traffic is on the Bitcoin blockchain network.

6. Check your account balance in your Bitcoin wallet.

Note: We offer 3 ways to withdraw your Bitcoin, (i) via the normal blockchain, (ii) via Lightning Network if your wallet is compatible, or (iii) via Express, which is by far the quickest and cheapest (zero Blockchain fees). However, to use Express, you need to open a Walleto wallet (www.walleto.world).

If you require any help, please free to contact us.